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A great author is always someone who is able to create books that will help others and make a difference in their lives. Angelo Williams is without a doubt one of the most talented writers of the modern world. He brings extremely controversial topics to the table and exposes secrets that no one ever imagined could be possible

The Hustle Game

The Hustle Game By  Angelo Williams Paperback book, ISBN: 978-1-4116-0958-7   available at for $10.43. 

Code of Silence Book

Code of Silence 
An incarcerated individual writes his story from the inside to the outside for people to learn about how the secret code is created.  The unspoken code of silence develops in people of a similar need, want and desire.   Information and knowledge is power and the people who involve themselves in a code of silence know this.  Withholding information from those who need it can be the key to getting what you want.  Those who participate in code of silence know this better than anyone.

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This project is much more than just publishing; it is creating a legacy of knowledge.

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"Follow the Money"
Dante Reynosa lives at the Blue Gate housing project in Washington, District of Columbia with his alcoholic father Hector Reynosa and his loving mother Lisa Reynosa. His father was never a positive role mode in his son's life.
Mr. Reynose is trying to explain to his wife why he's spent the last hundred dollars on crack. Mrs. Reynosa, threw a baby bottle at his head before she said, "You selfish son of a b....what is my son and daughter supposed to eat?

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The Hustle Book movement is a path back to writing with passion.  
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