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  Hi, I’m the CEO of Hustle Games Film and Production and through our work we are changing lives and saving US citizens money. 

America’s prisons are dangerously overcrowded and over 60% of inmates are serving sentences for non-violent crime related to drugs, or immigration offenses. Time in jail is a punishment, but it should also help offenders rehabilitate, equip them to return to society and get employment. Unfortunately, with growing populations and diminishing prison resources, offenders are more likely to learn skills to
advance their criminal career from other inmates, than skills to get them a job. This is a problem Hustle can help with. As part of an offender’s defense preparation, Hustle will film a Second Chance Biopic about them. This biographical film will show the story of their life, their friends and family, and the potential devastating impact that a prison sentence will have on them. The aim of this film is to demonstrate to Judges, parole boards and other interested parties, that the offender is remorseful, dependable and deserves a chance to rehabilitate outside the prison system. Our mission is to make sure offenders get a second chance at a great life.

Please let us know, what you think about this concept.
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